Wednesday, February 12, 2020

New Items for 2020

Your first choice for special event rentals has even more exciting options available this year!

We are so excited to bring several exciting NEW items to our rental inventory at Deborah's Party Rentals in 2020! New games, inflatables, tents, and attention getters that will liven up your next event!
If you're looking for fun oversized versions of your favorite family games, take a look at Giant Connect FourGiant PlinkoLarge JengaGiant Horseshoes, and 3D Twister Inflatable. These are perfect for all ages and bring BIG fun to every event.
Basketball fans will love the challenge of our Basketball - Single Player inflatable. Rent two for your party and really get the competition going! Pair it with one of our moonwalks and you have the perfect end of the year team party!

Office team-building dinners, Staff retreats, and Family reunions will be the talk of the year when the Mega Intergalactic Library Escape Room or Double Lumberjack Axe Throw are the entertainment of the day.

Balloon Stem is the perfect way to draw attention to the entrance of your event! The best part about these balloons...they wont fly away or deflate, no matter how windy the weather or how long the event lasts!

If you've been looking for a bigger and better tent to keep your guests out of the weather during our outdoor event, check out our new 40x80 NaviTrac tent!

We can't wait to see what you are planning this year and we look forward to helping you with all your rental needs in 2020! 

Tag us on Facebook and Instagram! We love to see everyone's smiling faces enjoying their time with friends and family!

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Orange Party!

Orange you glad we're here to give you some
fun inspiration
for all sorts of parties with orange as the main color?
Whether you're planning an 
end of the season basketball team party,
a summer citrus inspired birthday,
or a warm fall get together,
orange can brighten up any event!

Our Orange Inspiration Pinterest board is filled with delicious orange snacks and decor!

Check out these adorable chocolate covered Oreos made to look like basketballs!
basketball party / basketball oreos / party snack / chocolate covered oreos / A fun snack to enjoy while watching the games, or filled out the “treat” line on one of those infamous sign-up geniuses for your kiddos end of the season basketball party, these are quick, easy, and make a big impact.  Also, no baking, I count that as an instant win!
South Lumina Style
Wouldn't they be the perfect snack in between practicing your free throws with our NEW Basketball Inflatable?
Basketball - Single Player - Deborah's Party Rentals
For a healthy snack, make some of these basketball cuties from A Girl and A Gluegun!
basketball treat
A Girl and a Glue Gun
If your favorite team has a tiger for a mascot (or if your favorite preschooler has requested a Tiger birthday party), make a few oranges look like this adorable feline.

Daniel Tiger Clementine Oranges - perfect healthy snack to serve at a Daniel Tiger Birthday Party!
Creative Kid Snacks
This fun guy would be excellent entertainment for kids of all ages!

Tiger Belly Moonwalk

What better way to finish out an orange colored party than with a mouth-watering slice of carrot cake? This recipe looks decadent. If you try the recipe, could you bring us a slice please? :)
Carrot Cake
Carrot Cake from Cake Whiz

Friday, February 22, 2019

Red Party!

We love love love a good party theme! We know that certain cartoon characters and tv shows or movies are incredibly popular themes, especially for kids' birthdays. But what if you're planning a party (whether for a birthday, wedding shower, baby shower, wedding reception, or a business event), and really want the focus to be on the colors you're using, rather than the characters?

Well, we have a few ideas, and as always, we're ready to help! :)

Over the next few weeks, we're going to feature color-inspired party ideas. You can incorporate these ideas into any party theme.  Say you're planning a Firefighter, Elmo, Mickey, or Superman birthday....or a wedding reception for a bride who loves roses...or a backyard tailgate to kick off the season for your favorite high school or college team and red is one of the school colors....or a Red Carpet party to gather with friends while watching the premiere of your favorite show's new season...or a Christmas, Valentine's, or any Patriotic holiday party...

...then RED is your color!

We have a Pinterest Board that's growing with more and more COLOR inspired party ideas (check it out here!), but today we're going to take a look at some of our favorites for RED! :D

Yarn Wrapped Candles by Camilla Fabbri
Aren't these yarn wrapped candles so sweet? The same concept could be applied to jars at a candy bar or even around pitchers at a drink table.

Watermelon Snacks featured on 36th Avenue

Watermelon "popsciples" ...really, watermelon anything sounds delicious!
They also make us think of summer, so if you're having a summer party, it's the perfect snack.
If you're planning a party during a rainy season like we're having right now in Alabama, you might want watermelon just to feel like summer is coming back at some point ha! (PS the link at 36th Avenue has several fun snacks featuring watermelon!)

Instagram Themed First Birthday Party on Pinterest

What a fun way to use balloons! This party used balloons to showcase pictures from the first year of the birthday boy, but they would be great at an anniversary party or engagement party too!

Your Alabama Wedding
We love this trellis covered in fragrant red roses! If you're thinking of having an Alice in Wonderland party (or Alice in ONEderland for a first birthday), wouldn't this be the perfect touch to the party area?

Deborah's Party Rentals
Red Carpet Party? You'll need these Stanchions lining your walkway to the front door to set the tone for your elegant event!

And of course, if you need a tent to coordinate with any red event, we have any size you may need!
Red Umbrella Tables
10x10 Red and White High Peak
30x60 Red and White Frame Tent

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Party Like it's (Taco) Tuesday!

A little while back, we had an Instagram poll asking your favorite type of indoor party.  The feedback was so fun to read and share! One favorite was a Taco Party!

Naturally, we decided that would be a party idea to blog about. :)

While looking for fun, simple decor, we came across these adorable DIY Cactus balloons. How cute are these? Put together a few of these for centerpieces and line them up on a couple of 6' tables with our favorite vinyl skirted table covers (easy to cleanup!) and you have a PERFECT simple Taco Tuesday set-up!

Cactus balloons!
Design Improvised

The menu for a Taco Party could be pretty obvious, but we thought it would be fun to find some "out of the box" recipes to go beyond a table full of toppings, chips, and taco shells.

Raise your hand if you've had a Walking Taco at a party or at home for an easy dinner. These look fantastic and simple!  A friend of ours makes these by cooking one or two options of meats, setting out everyone's favorite taco toppings, then handing out snack-sized bags of nacho chips (you could even get various flavors for more options!).  Everyone opens their bag of chips and fills it with meat, cheese, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, guacamole, beans, you name it! Mix it up with a fork and you have a portable dinner (With no plates to wash!)

While we're talking about portable food...Mexican Style Street Corn would be delicious and check out these adorable Individual Seven Layer Dip Cups! We came across them at and think they would be the perfect appetizer for guests celebrating with you.

individual seven layer dip ingredients
Individual Seven Layer Dip Cups from

If you decide to make these Churro Cookies, just make sure you give us a call and invite us to the dinner party because we'll be more than happy to sample them for you! ;)

Churro Cupcakes | Transform your favorite cinnamin treat into a cupcake!
Churro Cupcakes by Lady Behind the Curtain

This Three Ingredient Sparkling Citrus Punch already has our mouth watering. (By the way, this site has SO many delicious and simple fruity drink recipes that would be great for the entire family!)

Add a splash of summer to any party with this delicious Citrus Punch Recipe! Your parties will be extra fun with this yummy new party punch.
The Frugal Girls

Hope you got a couple of fun ideas for your next party! Let us know what you need from us to help make your next event one to remember!

Friday, June 8, 2018

Cooling off with a Water Party!

Temperatures and humidity are high, but that doesn't mean we can't stay cool outside!

We're all ready to get outside after being cooped up all winter (and during those stretches of rainy days in the spring), but when there's no air conditioning outside, we have to find other ways to cool off!  Whether you're planning a big outdoor get together or just looking for some ideas to get your family outside this summer, we've got some fun ideas to help you keep cool!

One of the simplest ways to stay cool (without jumping in a pool) is a good old fashioned water balloon fight! We found these fun homemade reusable "water bombs" made with sponges and can't wait to make some ourselves soon!
DIY Sponge Bombs at
But if you're going to have water balloons, we think these are GREAT! They fill up so quickly when you connect them to a garden hose over a bucket filled with water. No more sitting in the sun struggling to fill water balloons one at a time. :)

Then, use those handy water balloons to play a game of catch or batting practice...brilliant!
Batting Practice at iCandy Handmade
Another great way to use water balloons is with our Water Wars!
Check out how much fun it is to catapult water balloons at the opposing team!

Of course, we have plenty of other water activities available as well, including water slides, slip n slide, and water obstacle courses!

Check out this cake we found that would be the PERFECT addition to a water birthday party, especially if your cake decorating skills (or the skills of a local cake decorator) could make the make match the water slide you have set up!
Water Slide Cake by Babasuesue
Of course, with the temperature reaching the mid 90s, you'll want some cool snacks to have on hand.  Popscicles, shaved ice, watermelon, and cool drinks are a must!

What do you always have around when you're spending time outside on these warm summer days?

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Wedding Fit for Royalty!

Don't you just love weddings?
We do, of course!
We love planning weddings, going to weddings, talking about get the picture.

With another Royal wedding coming up this weekend in England, the media is covered with speculation regarding the bride's dress and hair,
details of the newlyweds' carriage ride after the wedding,
photos of the traditionally printed wedding invitations, 
plans for the cake, flowers, and music,
and of course photos of the wedding location: St. George's Castle.

This has us thinking...if were planning a dream wedding fit for royalty, what would we include? 

Simple, elegant entryways to the wedding venue...

Chandeliers as the centerpieces to an overall beautiful lighting set up...

Decorations that remind us of our loved ones...

Crowns on the tables at the reception, to make the guests feel like royalty as well!

Modern wedding stationary with a touch of traditional gold elements

Beautiful in-season flowers...

and plenty of food to go around!

If you're engaged and planning YOUR dream wedding, visit Your Alabama Wedding on Facebook and enter our giveaway for $500 credit towards wedding rentals!  The contest ends 5/18/18 and is open to residents planning weddings within our service area.  

Friday, February 2, 2018

Ideas for a Sweet Treats Party!

Valentine's Day has us thinking of all things sweet, so we wanted to pull together some ideas for a SWEET party that could be used in February, or any time of the year! So just what was our inspiration for a theme that's perfect for everything from a birthday, to a baby shower or sprinkle, a class Valentine's Party, or even a relaxed wedding shower? Well, in addition to hearts...
Cupcakes, Ice Cream, Popsicles, Snow Cones
....all the sweet treats we love!!

The theme itself makes picking out snacks easy as pie (another sweet treat!), but the party only gets more fun with the decor, invites, and matching clothes ideas.

Take a look at this gorgeous Candy Bar themed birthday we helped put together for one of our sweet customers.  One of our tents with an added ceiling liner (and balloons in the center to give it a pop of color!) kept the guests in the shade as they snacked on delicious goodies and drinks at our round tables with pink linens and white resin chairs.

The centerpieces carried on the Sweets theme, with candy topiaries and looked good enough to eat!

The candy bar at the side of the tent was truly a hit with a variety of treats for the guests!

If you're looking for more inspiration, we added some great pins to our Birthday Ideas Pinterest Board!

If you have a SWEET theme in mind for your next get together, give us a call. We would love to help make your vision a reality!